The designs

is a small textile studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

I produce limited edition screen-printed and digitally printed artwork, digitally printed tea towels, hobo-bags made out of natural fibres and some clothing.

The print-designs are based on mid-century wallpapers, textiles and fabrics, but have a distinct contemporary and North European feel.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Car park dazzle
Long time since the last post again. Summer-time, holiday-time, garden-calls, Mona Foma, excuses, excuses..........!
Finally did some new work. I reworked some photos that I took with my phone while parking in Melville Street car park one day. The light was amazing.
I decided to use one of the revamped photos for the Material Girl 2011 exhibition. The theme this year is: 'Women behind the Wheel'.
I also thought the image would make great tea towels. 
The exhibition piece is 70cm x 70cm and the text is all on the image, while on the tea towels the text is partly on the white surrounding the image. I am also doing cushions with the image on the front and the text on the back.              

These are the tea towels.

I will post an image of the actual 'car park dazzle' piece at a later date, after the exhibition is finished.