The designs

is a small textile studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

I produce limited edition screen-printed and digitally printed artwork, digitally printed tea towels, hobo-bags made out of natural fibres and some clothing.

The print-designs are based on mid-century wallpapers, textiles and fabrics, but have a distinct contemporary and North European feel.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking Kika

Walking Kika after a day of 'stof&stuffing' is a delight, especially at Cornelian Bay, where the light and mood it creates takes your breath away. 
Every day the sky dictates a different atmosphere. The clouds can make the water look soft, serene and inviting, or deep, rather dark and fierce and the sun seems to pick out little bits in the distance, I have not noticed before. 
I think Kika is totally oblivious to these changes and does not even notice that I always take a quick snapshot, in which she is NOT the subject. She runs with other dogs, smooches with their owners and dives in and out of the water, not noticing the depth, current or stillness. She just loves it there, whatever mood is present.  

Thought it would be nice to share this one with you lot!

Walking Kika at Cornelian Bay just before sunset

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hobart late afternoon

I always forget how beautiful Hobart is......................
cornelian bay 

Friday, April 22, 2011

New 'hobo bags' at 

Easter, a time for gathering coloured eggs by excited children kitted out with cane baskets, while spotting Easter bunnies. A time for the rest of us eating lots of chocolate, Simnel cake, Dutch paasbrood and hot cross buns.

A 'hobo bag' in wool or silk, is just the thing to carry all these goodies to your favourite picnic spot or park.

Car Park Dazzle
'Material Girl' is always an exhibition that challenges me. The 'briefs' are generally a good way of making me tackle something new.
The 2011 theme was 'Women behind the Wheel',
which I thought fitted in nicely with some photos I took in Melville Street car park last year with my phone. 

This was the result, the size is 70 x 70 cm, so neither big nor small.

'Car park dazzle' will travel round the state together with other 'Material Girl' entries and the itinerary is available from Tasmanian Regional Arts.   

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Car park dazzle
Long time since the last post again. Summer-time, holiday-time, garden-calls, Mona Foma, excuses, excuses..........!
Finally did some new work. I reworked some photos that I took with my phone while parking in Melville Street car park one day. The light was amazing.
I decided to use one of the revamped photos for the Material Girl 2011 exhibition. The theme this year is: 'Women behind the Wheel'.
I also thought the image would make great tea towels. 
The exhibition piece is 70cm x 70cm and the text is all on the image, while on the tea towels the text is partly on the white surrounding the image. I am also doing cushions with the image on the front and the text on the back.              

These are the tea towels.

I will post an image of the actual 'car park dazzle' piece at a later date, after the exhibition is finished.