The designs

is a small textile studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

I produce limited edition screen-printed and digitally printed artwork, digitally printed tea towels, hobo-bags made out of natural fibres and some clothing.

The print-designs are based on mid-century wallpapers, textiles and fabrics, but have a distinct contemporary and North European feel.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A very sunny day!

First day of sending off orders!

Very exciting, first order goes to Holland……………………(of course!). Who would it be?

Somebody called TT-1 ‘favourite item’ on Etsy, I wonder why??? Have to ask her or him.

Will take some photos of the finished wares, wrapped and all, and post them on Etsy, so keep looking.

This afternoon I will go to my Pilatus class to keep up my ‘core strength’ for printing, sewing, packaging! Did lots of gardening yesterday and my back feels good, so the Pilatus is paying off, not to forget the Zumba classes which I am addicted to now!

Photo of the workshop taken with my mobile
Back to the Tea towels..............

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There's nothing as cool as this in Paris!