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is a small textile studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

I produce limited edition screen-printed and digitally printed artwork, digitally printed tea towels, hobo-bags made out of natural fibres and some clothing.

The print-designs are based on mid-century wallpapers, textiles and fabrics, but have a distinct contemporary and North European feel.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Summer is here with its humid days, showers and lots of sunshine. The French doors are open in my soon to be little studio/workroom, a lovely place to potter and produce lots of bits and pieces. I am in my element!!

Next week the wall between kitchen and hallway will be dismantled to create a space to house the now abandoned dining table and life will be able to return to normal just before Christmas!

Oops, it has been a good month since I last posted. I have been busy making lots of cushions for the Etsy shop and I have also been doing quite a bit of marketing. I hope to have some more to say about the 'brick and mortar' shops in due course, will keep you posted. All quite time consuming, more so than I anticipated.

So have a look at the Etsy site at my latest efforts. 

Cushions on Etsy

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Sarah said...

The cushions look beautiful Carla. I particularly like the blue one second from the left. And the renovations sound like they'll happen just in time!